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Does the SEC Have Authority under Howey to Regulate Cryptocurrencies?

Giu 13 2024

Then, we will explain FinCENs use of the Bank Secrecy Act to regulate money service businesses and combat money laundering in the cryptocurrency sphere. Finally, we will attempt to tackle the possible tax implications that the IRS has imposed on cryptocurrency. Also, because of additions to the Dodd-Frank Act, cryptocurrency hedge fund managers that use

xcritical App’s $20 Million Data Breach Settlement: Who Is Eligible for Money?

Nov 09 2022

Additionally, the group said that the popular membership shopping club S&R also experienced a breach, allegedly compromising the personal information of about 11,000 members. Increased demand for targeted advertising and the growing importance of data-driven decision making have fuelled the need for richer customer data. More than 10 billion records have been leached out, which